Perhaps each of you has heard amazing stories about fishing on the Spanish dams on the Rio Ebro river in the past. Stories about fighting river carps, monstrous catfish, beautiful zanders, large perch or a little exotic black bass.
Legendary dams on the Rio Ebro
The Rio-Ebro is a river more than 900 km long and the most famous sections on it are two among fishermen famous dams on the border of the regions of Aragon and Catalonia.

The upper dam of the Embalse de Mequinenza winds through the landscape for more than 100 kilometers, its depth reaches up to 60 meters in places and a width from several dozen to hundreds of meters.

The lower dam of Embalse de Riba Roja, where our Almaebre campsite is located, a place with a long tradition, popular with hundreds of fishermen from all over Europe. The Riba Roja is about 40 kilometres long, with depths ranging from shallow shoals to around 30 metres, and widths of up to several hundred metres in most cases. This dam is older, warmer and more fertile than the upper dam and if you are looking for fishing in pristine nature and tranquillity or a truly trophy catch, this is the place to be. Because the real fishing in Spain is here!
Dams literally full of fish
Both dams are frequented by fishermen. Both also have their pros and cons. The Upper Dam, due to the easier availability of fishing spots on its banks, has often suffered from too much fishing pressure in recent years and its size makes it difficult for the uninitiated to find a good fishing spot, both on the bank and in the water, over an area of tens of square kilometres. A huge disadvantage is the unstable state of the dam's water.

The lower dam was created by flooding a valley with extensive orchards and forests that had not been cut down before flooding, creating a place for the fish that is their perfect refuge with many natural shelters. But it is all the more difficult for fishermen. For inexperienced fishermen, it is therefore more than advisable to get advice from more experienced colleagues or, ideally, from our fishing guide, who knows the local conditions perfectly and will direct you to the right places or help you choose the right fishing strategy.

Thanks to the perfect facilities of the camp, the experience of our staff and the really hardly believable amount of fish in the dam, with a bit of luck fishing with us will become an unforgettable experience for life.


The waters of the Riba Roja dam are crisscrossed by an incredible number of beautiful carp, which attracts a lot of fishermen from all over Europe every year. Fish usually reach a length of over a meter and a weight of well over 20kg. Experience the battles with these very strong and combative Spanish scaly!

The Ebro is a renowned trophy catfish water. There aren't many other places in Europe where you can catch bigger specimens, but for monster catches well over 2 metres in length, the dams on the Ebro are a clear leader.

Zander is the destination fish for thousands of fishermen who come to Ebro from all over Europe to enjoy fantastic moments while catching this predator. Although for many fishermen Rio Ebro is more associated with catfish fishing, the reality is that there is much more zander caught here. Catches of capital pieces over 80 cm are no exception here! And if you are just a little lucky, you can catch a lot of zander in a single day.

Recent years have unprecedentedly favored the condition of perch. The population of these beauties has multiplied several times and the fish are growing to shocking sizes. The stretches of dam around our campsite, where there are many sunken trees and other natural shelters, are considered some of the best perch spots on Riba Roja ever.

Black Bass
In other words, trout perch is none, as the diminutive Czech name would suggest, an insignificant little bird. It is a highly valued fish, a predatory fighter that can offer a lot of fun and experiences, especially during the summer heat, when other fish do not show much activity. The long reed fields along the banks near our campsite are renowned bass spots, some of the best on the entire Riba Roja dam.

Fishing at our Almaebre campsite comes with the benefits of Catalan fishing rules. Unlike Aragon, here you don't have to stop fishing after dark until dawn, because you can fish 24 hours a day, non-stop, and you can bivouac right on the dam's shore. All of this is not allowed by Aragon rules.

And when you add to that the great facilities of the campsite with a bar, kitchen, wifi and amplified phone signal in the area, comfortable accommodation a few meters from the shore and new boats with reliable engines, the choice is clear...

Close your eyes and imagine the sun-drenched surface of the dam hiding fish you have heard about in stories or read on the internet or seen in movies. Beautiful nature, peace and quiet everywhere... Now you have a unique chance to experience these moments and try your luck and fishing skills in one of the most sought-after freshwater locations in the world. All you have to do is decide and book your stay with us. Welcome to Almaebre!


The lower dam was created by flooding a large valley with dense forest cover and numerous fruit orchards. No one cut down the trees and so a place full of natural shelters was created under the water, which is absolutely ideal for fish life. But it is even more challenging for fishermen. The solution is to go out on the water with an experienced local fishing guide: we will be happy to arrange one for you by prior arrangement. The local guides know the best fishing spots and the habits and behaviour of the fish perfectly, so you can look forward to catching the fish of your life in their company. So if you are hesitant about going to Spain to fish and catch your trophy fish, don't hesitate to come. We are fully at your disposal.

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